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学校新闻 School News

云登中文学校将于2023年11月25日(周六)中午 12点30 – 13点30 召开学校2023年度AGM会议, 在Emmanuel College和在线Zoom会议同时进行,有意向参加的老师和家长可以和学校管理人员联系, 联系电话:0450849093, 或者Email:

The Werribee Chinese School Inc. will hold the 2023 AGM conference between 12:30pm – 13:30pm on the 25th of November 2023 (Saturday) at Emmanuel College and Online Zoom Meeting. Teachers and parents who are interested in participating can contact school admin: phone number (0450849093), or email:

学校地址 School Location: 2 Foxwood Dr, Point Cook, VIC 3030 (near Stockland Point Cook Shopping Centre)

如需了解更多学校信息,请关注学校微信公众号,及添加管理人员微信号,电话: 0406999896